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Chest harnesses for suspension

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Hello everyone, I thought I’d put this out there - looking for people with real life experience in suspending larger people. 

What chest harness designs have Riggers/bunnies found the best (comfort wise) for the suspension of bottoms that are around 100kg? 

So far a shinju style chest harness has been the best, but I’m sure others have had a similar problem (yes not all bunnies are 50kg tiny women). 

Heels 👠👠



Shinju is very good.


Hi...I made my own design along time ago...It was a very complicated design....made from leather....without a photo....it would be very difficult to explain.....it was a self bondage item....that involved me from struggling to come off a platform and falling about a foot ...suspended in mid air...possible to escape...but needed alot of careful effort and manipulation...wish I had a photo to post..The more I struggled to escape...the more excited I became...No relief...My first experience of my self bondage setup....took over 3 hours to escape from...I did manage to whittle it down to about 20 minutes..!...but only after numerous attempts..!....It took me about 6 months to make the item....Cassie


What I would say is that comfort is incredibly important..Why I have mentioned that is because I am referring to  pressure points on ones body....Although two individuals weigh the same...bone structure ...where the bones are relative to height will affect how much pressure there is on any particular area...It can be extremely painful that any enjoyment,  frustration..etc...does not come into play. What does is pain...not the sort of pain that members might enjoy....If you are new to this and whether you are thinking about yourself or partner, in the beginning allow who ever is suspended to be able to talk and let you know any problems....What you do not want to happen is to think never again...Get it right and you will love it..!..This may sound silly, but get hold of some silicone rubber sheets . baby oil . and one inch thick foam....The baby oil is very important when using the silicone rubber sheets....Then you can use those items to relieve the pain in the areas where it is too painful..If you have ever bought an off the peg corset and tried to lace it as tight as possible then you will know that if it is to tight over the hip bone...the enjoyment of wearing it...fades...If this is going to be a serious part of your lifestyle with a partner..then think about having one designed by yourselves and having it made to order..At the end of the day...what fits and is comfortable for one person...is unlikely to be comfortable and fit for another person..Cassie