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First time in heels

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I once saw a photo of Marc Bolan , from T Rex...was my inspiration for who I wanted to become ...a Female..Walked into Ravels in Kensington with coins that I had acquired from a few phoneboxes .bought a pair of knee high , high heel boots..closed my eyes and left leaving the shoes I was wearing there...After about 5 minutes or so...my courage just went out the window....went back...my shoes had been bagged and collected by a charity organisation..!..I had no choice but to make my way home from Kensington to just outside Croydon...My feet really hurt...but,I loved the way I felt, how it made me walk....it was heaven....until I got home...All hell broke loose...But the love of wearing heels has not gone away...I am very lucky that I can wear normal 6.5 to 7.0 size women shoes...Being able to wear women shoes has changed my life for the better...how I feel when I go out..!...I can really appreciate why women love heels...I do to..!....It is such a sexy and sensual feeling...well , it is for me..! Cassie

I have also appreciated Glam style for a long time, can relate to that feeling.
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