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Dirty Easter

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Hello fellow Kinksters.

Hope you'e all enjoying the Easter break and many of you have filthy, dirty plans for the next few days.

My LLG and I have been trying various different things during play and I have a number of tricks up both sleeves for this weekend.

However, we're always open to trying different things so I'm looking for ideas/scenarios we could incorporate into our play.

Any suggestions that don' involve water sports or blood play will be considered.

We will then pick a few ideas and endeavour to take some pictures to post here later on.

Thanks in advance to anyone who might make a contribution into our play. 

Be Safe x


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Without knowing your skillsets, equipment, limits and environment, it’s a little difficult to give you any realistic ideas. Saying that, predicament play involving her making decisions (not necessarily good choices either way) can turn many a good scene into a complete headfuck.

I just spent two days with my sub. Where I also took him out to dinner, making him wear a bra under his tshirt. He spent the whole time worrying he would see someone he knew and they would notice his bra. He had a permanent hard on from it. 

The mind is a wonderful playground. Have a wonderful Easter 🐇

Heels 👠👠

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