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Following Her Sir's Instructions

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With each strike her hand stung that bit more.

She paused a moment to look and sure enough her hand had started go red and looking at the backside she was striking, it was certainly a matching colour.

Between the sound of the slightly rushed breathing by the owner of the backside, she heard a small clearing of a throat and knew that was her signal to continue.

When her new Dom had made this request of her for this evenings play she had been a little unsure at first as this was not normally what she expected from an evening of being a sub.
But there again it was her duty to do as he instructed and so she set about her duties again.

A few moments later she glanced at the face of her Sir and their eyes meet...
There wasn't a lot of emotion in his eyes but the slow nod was all she needed to know that she was doing well for him.
His eyes left hers and flitted over to the cane. Immediately she reached over, took it in her hand and let her empty hand gently stroke the naked rear before quickly moving it out of the way as the cane struck the backside hard.
Lifting the cane away there ways already a deeper red welt appearing....
With nothing other than an desire to please she raised the cane once again and struck once,  twice,  thrice.
Each time her victim flinched a bit more and the more they flinched the more she felt an urge to strike harder again and again.

She paused to take control of herself and  gently kissed the victims spine and as she did she felt the tension fade from her willing victim...their body relaxing.
Another strike across the backside rapidly followed by another along the top of the legs at the junction with the bum.
The victims breath was taken away and once back she could hear the breath being drawn in through clenched teeth.
She never new carrying out such an act could result in her pussy throbbing the way it was.

Feeling like she wanted to cum she caught her Sirs eyes once more....but all there was on his face was the smallest hint of a smile.
Slowly he raised his hand and signaled for her to move away and assume a position laid on her back.
The rope was brought over, her knees raised, hands placed next to ankles and tied together.
Then a ball gag fixed to her and lastly a blindfold.
It was her turn to receive.
She felt her victim from earlier move around the bed positioning closer to her upper torso.
First there was the soft lips against her breasts...so soft, warm. A pleasant contrast to the pain she had expected in return for inflicting some earlier.

Slowly a hand travelled down her tummy and then after just lightly passing over her wet pussy it travelled up her inner thigh.
Her body quivered and once more she thought how wrong it had been for her to even question her Sirs desires for tonight.
The unexpected pleasure of the touch was huge....
There was movement around her as the hands left her body...and then a whisper of a breath against her wet pulsing pussy.
The tongue at first touched lightly around the edges as the hands explored the sides of her waist.
Slowly, the tongue moved around her pussy working it's way inwards softly against clit...
The wave of pleasure made her arch her back off the bed and even though wearing a gag her moan was very audible.
Sirs voice, simply said that she was not allowed to cum...not yet.
With a tiny whimper she lowered her back and in doing so dead the tongue just push that touch deeper into her wetness...
It wasn't like this was the first time she had revived oral sex but tonight it was that bit different...
Then nothing..no noise, no contact, just her laid there, vulnerable.
A slight sound off to he side informed her that somebody was close....then nothing.
Without warning, no words, no soft touches first, she felt he pussy lips part as a dildo was pushed deep into her.
The feeling was sudden, her breath drew in sharp....but it was wonderful ...that feeling like no other...
In soft, out quick, a clit rubbed, lips parted...over and over...her body hot she cried out for permission to cum but her voice was muffled..
Everything stopped....movement close by....the blindfold was removed followed by the gag.
She looked over and her masters smile was broad...
Her ankles and wrists released, her victim climbed over her, their privates above her face, her privates below their face...

Together they set about each other...slowly but passionately.
The force of each other growing, the desire to cum increasing.
Exploring with tongues, biting, nibbling, sucking....
She looked over at him, he nodded and she knew she could relase her built up orgasm...together they climaxed...long, hard deep.

Her victim moved, curled into her body as as she laid there looking into the smiling eyes of her master, she knew that whilst this might have been the first time he had watched her interact with another woman, it certainly wouldn't be the last and that she couldn't wait to be with another woman again.

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