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Advice please?

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I’m wanting to get into bdsm but more specifically bondage but me and my SO don’t know where to begin. Help me find a starter set?

Also has anyone bought toys and  accessories off of the wish app?

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Ann Summers (yeah, I know I know) has beginners bondage sets

ditto, lovehoney has some quite cheap

Wish - it's probably the same, unlikely to be much cheaper though and likely to take an age to get there!


Ann Summers stuff is shit though, I know a kink friend who sold it for a while....she was very dismissive of their kink stuff. 

Lovehoney is a good shout though. 

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I got a bondage strap set that goes under the bed and it came with cuffs, pretty decent condition. Was less than £20 on amazon, seen some nice 'normal' bondage sets on eBay for ten quid as well but the ball gag looks like a small pet toy, lol. I got riding crops and a cane from somewhere dead cheap but can't remember where that was, if i do remember i'll pop back and let you know.


I've not bought anything off Wish though, but do know most stuff that comes from china is usually the same stuff what you'd get from reputable places that are cheap also (ann summers as said above, and bondora, love honey, etc). It would just be harder to return it if it was broken, damaged or you didn't want it for some reason.

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