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...and breathe

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And breathe.

There's a respite.  That was harsh. But, I'm going to get through.
I drop, allowing the suspension to hold my weight.

She steps slowly towards me and stares down at my slumped, struggling body.

In reality, She is shorter than me, but I'm low - gazing into Her eyes, the windows to another dimension.

I see the glare from her lushious red lips, I am longing for a taste.

The silence is powerful.  But also, a relief. While She is here, She is not lashing me with the sting of the single tail.

"Open," She commands, breaking the hollow silence.

I assume, or hope, She means my mouth and so open wide.

So kindly She oozes Her saliva into my mouth.  Such a sweet taste and great relief.

I close my mouth as it's swallowed.

Return to the staring. Return to the silence.  

I know She is not done. I can tell. Part of me hopes I am wrong.  Another part knows why I am here.  Knows it will be worth it.
This moment right now.  I am writing to capture it.  Any attempt to recreate it will never feel the same.

I am here, helpless, at Her mercy.  But I like it.  She doesn't need to tell me, or remind me. I just know.  I can feel myself trembling. 

I gaze up - and how powerful She looks to me now. I am in awe.

She breaks the silence again to say the word I'm fearing.

As She starts to step to one side, I pull myself upright ready.
I am ready for this.  I will do this.

"Again!" She calls.
Then there's the crack... and then my screams resume.

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