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so a fetish, for me it is heels. everyone has there guilty pleasure right?

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For years I have enjoyed (but kept it just to myself) womans high heels. I can not explain why, just love seeing woman wear them and myself from time to time enjoy wearing them. Even more so during sex.

But i always kept it quiet in fear I'm mocked (31m BTW) but surly everyone enjoys there own pleasure.  So I told a lady friend and it was the best decision  and  never had so much fun!

But have others done the same? what is your pleasure?

I just believe that hiding it because of fear is the norm. Am i wrong? was it just me.

Its not weird to have a fetish right?


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I don’t think this is weird, I’ve always owned bedroom heels. I presumed most woman did but maybe they don’t then!? I think people are used to me being anything other than normal & so if I’ve openly talked about fetishes to people they’ve learnt to accept it’s just ‘me’ & nothing surprises them 😂
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Hey...if you are happy....good for you
Lol...big Polly...a bit different for you....lmao

got same fetish, love wearing heels, make me feel overpowered, but also afraid to go outside, in special very high... ometime bought too high ones being drunk, dont remember shit, just see message bout orering on email and then its like big surprise what  gonna get when it arrives...

Me too x

I don't think anyone should be ashamed of their own fetish. I love to see feet arches in high heels, that's all...


I love wearing heels.As a transexual gay,guy?its feels very normal.Ive even licked my own shoes and had the heels in my mouth.