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Probably more suitable for a therapist but

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I was curious if i was gay so started meeting men and having sex with them - me being on top. I never got excited by it or found it a turn on - just  a physical thing. Tried being a bottom but again never found anything pleasurable from it but i still meeting men. I kind of see it as masturbation. I only  fancy women so not sure what is going on.

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Hi maybe don't worry about trying to define being gay, bi or straight. Who you end up with for long term loving companionship is more about a heart, soul and mind connection. The physical side, when truly satisfying, is more than just the transactional sex process....its making whole person love to someone, of any gender, who feels the same way about you. In simple terms I suppose it's the difference between making love to someone you love and 'just having a sexual transaction' .
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You sound more heteroflexible or perhaps msm (men who have sex with men). I'm fairly sure Pinknews had an article on this a little while back. I'd say give it a google, there's likely some more scholarly information out there.