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Dr. Lomp

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I’m Loving Dr Lomp and elitepain films and Karl is into pegging femdom is there anyone else who shares our tastes and if so what actors and films do you recommend we both live it brutal 


I like some of the Dr Lomp films.

Have you seen the QueenSnake films? They are pretty kinky - shoving pins, nettles - all sorts - into girls pussies.


I've only been shown the Dr limp those girls are amazing or is it staged 


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Re Dr. Lomp : The girls ARE amazing. I like the casting and game show series best.

I think it's for real - as in the beatings etc. although they would be much better if there was sex (not just dildos) involved.

In fact, I have only ever seen one Dr. Lomp film in which a girl sucked a guy (not Lomp himself).


The QS films do not have sex either, but can be pretty rough. Interestingly, the girl giving out the beatings etc. (Queensnake herself),

does actually submit herself to punishment too - she gives AND takes LOL.


One of the best films I have seen though is Elise Graves in 'Sex Gang-Bang' under the label of 'BoundGangbangs.com'.


Kumilla - If you cannot find them, you are welcome to come here for a weekend and watch them with me ;-)


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