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Shame and Foot Fetish

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Anyone have a foot fetish? If so, do you find it easy to tell your partner(s) about it.  I, over the years, have kept it a secret from my ex girlfriends. (Luckily they enjoyed getting their toes sucked.)  I accept my fetishes and kinks for what they are now and no longer wish to hide them.  I just wonder how I should go about explaining this to future partners.  Has anyone else been bashful about their fetishes?

You are not the only one, foot fetish is one of the top fetishism for men. But just start with compllment to her feet, always win with a bit of charm. Then be honest and tell her straight away, she might already know about foot fetish.
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It's difficult to second guess someone's existing pre-conceptions but I think sometimes a lot of shame is brought about because a lot of women's interactions with guys wiht a foot fetish is usually the creeps.

So, tip 1. Don't be a creep about it.

In pretty much every one of my relationships there's been some form of foot play.  You know you don't even have to raise your fetish or make a big deal of it.  During foreplay, kiss her feet, suck her toes.  Obviously respect she might say no, or she might wonder what the fuck you're doing.  But you can talk about that afterwards.  But once you've done the foot play, some might ask if you have a fetish - others might not.  But if it comes up just treat it natural.  

But, never act like it's too weird or unusual, never act like a creep - and never ever do the "it's the most common fetish so don't judge me" thing cos that comes across entitled.

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