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Self water boarding.

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I have been dying to share this. 

Last year I discovered water boarding. Looking at bdsm videos of it, I looked and sssooo arousing. Then i read aboit as a torture meyhos So idecides to see what all the fuss is about. So in my bath tub I got my shower head and a wash cloth and OH MY GOD. It's horrible yet amazing. It feels like your drowning but you can't drown holding the shower head over your head with the white cloth over your face the helplessness is very apparent. And yes everytime I do it I cum.

After the first few times however it wasn't fun any more, I was just doing the same thing. So then I decided to spice it up, using belts strapimg my legs together and my right arm strapped to my waste and cut out a large square from a thin white fabric, seating the water to be as cold as it can be. 

Bottom line please try this you may find somthing new you love.

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I'll disagree with most of this and definitely with your suggestion for others to try. Self bondage is very dangerous and Self-Breath Play is extremely dangerous. Alone you have no one to save you if something goes wrong, yes I get it that that may be part of the thrill for you, but suggesting others take that risk is unnecessary.



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