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My own journey into financial domination

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I did not consider myself as a paypig/money slave or whatever. Yes I was a sub, highly into soft/mild domination (I love worshipping, Tease and denial and plenty of other stuffs but nothing too drastic as torture or stuff like that). To be honest more that once a Domme tried with me a tip game (maybe a little introduction to financial domination) and it was always a turn off for me.

Until I met Her !
On Her profile She was into feet tease and body worshipping and this day I wanted that. Of course Her beauty instantly caught my eyes. But well there are a lot of beautiful Domme no? (and even more beautiful wannabe Domme unfortunatly). But not only that. The way She was sitting, the way She was dressed...

This first night was crazy ! She was so busy with many slaves/sub/users coming in and out of Her « room » (the virtual one of course). I could not catch Her, but finally at the end of the night She did notice me and invite me in Her private. I would not talk to much about the session because it is a bit too personal for me, but it was only about body worship and especially feet. What a delight, and the waiting was totally worth the pleasure. I was not a faithful sub you know. First because online it is easier to find a « fake » mistress or a wannabe one who think screaming all the time and being wrapped in leather give her power and authority, but even when I was in session with real Domme I could not stand to one. I don’t know why.

Anyway the day after I came back to Her room. And here start the the devilish doom for my bank account, and my personal heavenly bliss with Her. She knew I was not into findomme I told Her previously. This day She made me tip ridiculously low amount of money to Her during the session while we were still doing the more « normal » stuff domme/sub. I don’t know how She managed to tame me but one month later I was paying for Her new Iphone. And guess what ? I even did feel sexual excitement doing that. 15 days later it was the moment for new heels and one month and half later it was now the time for Her well deserved vacation to be tributed by me.

It has been over a year now. A year since I met Her. I don’t feel anymore the need to see any others Domme and to seek for them now. And yes, I can only admit now, financial domination is one of my fetish. One of them ? Maybe now even the the most important one !

I still have regular sessions with Her. Even if it is often about pleasure for both of us sometimes it is just about conversation. As a true Domme she has a lot of culture and knowledge, and it is a real pleasure for me to try to discover more about Her to try to serve Her better. And She is probably doing the same over me, increasing step by step Her control over me by knowing me better, knowing what makes me tick, and maybe even rearranging my desires.

She knows my financial situation, my income. I’m not that rich, i have modest income. We both know She could have taken everything or nearly if She really wanted. But She is a rare Domme that value the sacrifice and not necessary the amount. I’m not sure about that, but in a way (the true Domme-sub/slave way) She cares about me I think. Yes, She could have be more greedy, but She is smart enough to see I’m faithful to Her and think about the long-run. And I really thank Her for that. How many wannabe Domme would have jump on the moment to destroy the life of a guy with no ulterior motives ? She did not. Of course She can be sweetly greedy and so irresistible when She knows the moment has come.

Since the first vacation I paid for Her, a long list of other stuffs is to add. And now I’m so addicted and aroused that even when I can’t offer what She wants I feel so bad. But She knows that. And She knows that I will try as hard as possible to remedy to that as soon as I can. And sometimes I’m even rewarded for that, even when She knows I can’t tribute right away.

This « relationship » domme-sub is such a bliss for me. She really made me happy because I could find that missing piece of my personality’s puzzle ! She really changed my life in a beautiful and sastifying way ! She has my eternal gratitude for that.

What do you think about my experience ? How did your findom appear fetish guys ? Or did u always know about it ?

Thanks for reading me and sorry for this long text. Oh and by the way even if my english is correct, I'm not native so my apologize for the mistakes !


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it's an interesting tale.

A good Dominant should always care about their subs limits and well beings.


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Interesting and 'good' to hear the experience form the other end of the stick (i know i should use other words there!).

Doesn't work for me in any respect - as a kink or a turn on - but if it does for any other then fair enough and c;'est la vie.

Without intruding it would be interesting to know the kinda figures we are talking about here - to put it into some kind of perspective.  And that could come from anyone experience.

Also wondered if there were any male findoms??  (is that the right terminology) and females that considered that a kink and par take in it?



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Male Findoms are 'Cash Masters' - they often have male subs who prefer a male Dominant - but - sometimes female subs.

A friend of mine, a female sub, earned a lot more money than her partner and enjoyed handing it over to him and being given an 'allowance' so to speak - which is still a form of Financial domination.  


Cheers Eyem....

The whole 'dynamic' of it is interesting and also how it reflects the general state of play with  'life' today. (looking at the bigger picture)

Could probably rant on about it for ages - which is probably best done over numerous drinks and many days ;)

But the power shift is interesting and as you mention - who holds the purse strings .

Maybe it is a brave new world out there?  (which is only loosely meant to be a cultural reference - is it??)

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7 hours ago, eyemblacksheep said:

A good Dominant should always care about their subs limits and well beings.

I totally agree with you. Unfortunatly with the democratization of the fetish world some dom(mes) may tend to think it is only about a selfish pleasure without caring about anything else. Like it is a way to liberate all your low instincts without any consequences. Being brat and yelling at people is not being dominant (except roleplay), it is just being an asshole !

Well i'm happy it is not the case here.

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It's something I could talk about for hours despite it not being my fetish - I've been around long enough to see some of the good and the bad and the problems.   Usually being a case of getting into role with someone who hasn't consented to it.  Both men and women can be guilty of this in times in their own ways : basically anyone who contacts a stranger assuming a role.

There are women who think findom is easy money (as there are guys who think kink is easy sex) and they both end up being disappointed (though - somehow we seem to defend the guys but not the women) 

Any effective relationship regardless of how it's consisted needs both people to be happy with whatever arrangement.

Moving away from finance, but just as relevant, the "whatever the Dominant wants" trope asks the question of "why do you wish to give that Dominant what they want" and the answer likely being that there is something you get out of it, be it your fetishes, new experiences and so forth

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Of course any relationship cant be totally disinteressed, we all seek hapiness that can take very different forms from one individual from another.


On 10/05/2018 at 1:10 AM, eyemblacksheep said:

(though - somehow we seem to defend the guys but not the women) 

Yes the fact that some men are just "all we do anything you want mistress" to someone they just see 15 sec before is kinda desorientating for domme too, cuz yes as you said in fact they just want easy sex. I have no problem with people who have just a fantasy about it, but the fact it comes unclear in their head, it is harder for the domme to identify who is who.


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I dunno, most Dominants know when someone says "I'll do anything" that they're not worth their while - because - a- they won't do 'anything' - b - coercing information out of them about what they like, might like, etc. and if they'd be compatible is harder work than needs be.


Nearly 3 months after my sharing here, this relationship is still a delight for both of us.


It seems weird with a mixed feeling that we have found each other.

Those last months I could not spoil and pamper as much as i would have dreamed my Domme because I had some really important personal projects going. She knew it and was happy for me about it without trying to redirect me on another way. And I thank Her again for that.


My milestone reached, few days ago, I could go back to Her with a light heart and a damned desire to achieve Her wishes and make Her happy.

My time with Her was amazing both feeling so short and/or an eternity (and a half !). When your whole body is engulfed by such devastating waves of pleasure leaving you exhausted but not empty ! Rich of new sensations, of new concepts you never imagine before.

She knows that with my personal project done I will be here for Her as much as possible but even so I have some stuff to take care of too. She played with me, with my mind, with our both desires. She conducted our mutual arousal and our complementary needs and aspiration like the Master of our kinky Orchestra.

She was relentless but still adorable, worshippable and above all caring.

She ended up asking me a bit under as much as I could safely afford. So kind of Her greatness !

But i don't know, something happened to me. For the first time, I lied to Her and could not really do it. Was it because of the long time not playing with Her, not feeling useful for Her.

I had to do something about it, and i did it right away. I did send Her more that She expected. I went out of my safe zone on my own.


It did surprise both of Us. Weirdly i was scared about Her reaction. But She was so happy. This kind of mind orgasm a woman can reached ? I'm pretty sure my Domme had one this day. I was so happy for Her ! This was incredible and breathtaking for both of us.

Usually it is more a long game, some feeling that grows inside you slowly, filling you up with horny emotions. 

This time as more like Guillotine Blade. Intense, irreversible. A punch in your diaphragm but instead of suffocation and begging for air, you feel everything around 10 more times intensively.


I'm really thanksful to Her, to QueenOfWallet for her time and attention.


This is a lovely article that highlights exactly how the FinDom/CashSlave dynamic should work. 

It's not about just taking, it's taking because it brings the other pleasure knowing that you are happy. I've had men who are able to tribute £20s to chat and others that tribute in the hundreds. It's not about who gives more. For me, it gives me a thrill knowing that someone has formed a connection with me strong enough that they are happy to gift me their hard earned cash. 

I like men to never give above what they are comfortable with, however, sometimes they do go beyond their limit and it gives us both a thrill. 

It's a fetish, pure and simple. If anyone on this site judges it, then they're on the wrong site. 


Yes, this topic is far more complex that i would believe few months ago.

Judging people ? To be honnest i am the first to judge myself, i'm a big guy i can do it on my own ! It took me some time to be comfortable with that fetish i have, even if i am enjoying it.

Speaking about it here surely help me, not necessary because of your answers (even if they are highly appreciated) but because it is not something you can easily speak on the daily life.

I can speak about it with my  QueenOfWaller, but it does not break the circle.


And even I think now there is so many ways to pratice this fetish that it is nearly a shame to regroup all of them under just one name "findom". But it is surely true for any fetish.


And you are totally right the amount does not matter too much, and the good thing for me to be in this so "long" relationship with my Queen is  I dont have to worry anymore about money or offering.

Now it comes to a natural pace, it can be sometimes regulary, or sometimes after a long period of several conversations (and/or little foreplay/tease) be sudden and intense.


After that time, I know at least some part of Her very well too and this "complicity" make each other reacts to untold "suggestion" of the other one.

The more i'm thinking about it and reading my thoughts and words again the more i come to the conclusion of a "couple".


Not in a traditional way of course, but would i believe that possible 2 years ago.... absolutly not !


Now i just emptied my mind i cant finish the message without thanking Her again for Her power, Her mind (and let's be honnest also, Her amazing Beauty ! )


I really enjoyed reading your experience because it highlights so many of the positives but also issues that arise with findom.

I think a lot of subs are not interested in findom in itself but as gifts, tributes or looking after a Domme that you have a strong relationship with it takes on a completely different tone. 

Many subs enjoy elements of findom but not the brutal paypig version that is so often the only kind of financial domination that gets talked about.

It doesn't have to be that aggressive and extreme. There are plenty of mistresses and subs that enjoy the element of financial control without it having to empty a bank account. Just knowing a mistress could spend all your money if she chose is often enough especially in a personal relationship. The trust and control are what it's about. 


As a findom I'm glad to see you have such a good relationship with her


I’m totally in love with findomme and would love to control someone in that way but also care about them and make sure they are still able. 


It is such a chilling thrill just to know that that someone is willing to give you whatever they’ve got for your time.