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Ballbusting session

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This evening I had a ballbusting session, the first one in 6 months as I took a break from it due to financial reasons. The woman i saw was very good, lots of hard grabbing and squeezing, punching, kneeing and kicking, then her mate finished me off with a blow job. Am seeing another woman on the 25th in Wales for a ballbusting session, and she claims to be brutal, lols


Who else enjoys ball busting?

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Cool that it works for you - i dont get it myself - but then I am no masochist.

How 'dangerous' is it?


With the right person I really enjoy busting..but my experiences are very different to yours..I'm not on the receiving end for a start, and I don't ever punch.

@callipygian I met a masochist about 15 years ago when I first started experimenting with cbt, and had asked for volunteers to practice on, who had lost a testicle, (the fake ones btw feel very odd in the hand) which he said, and I'd no reason to disbelieve him, he lost due to a series of heavy punches..bizarrely, in my mind anyway, he wanted me to 'take out' the remaining one in the same way..not my thing and we parted ways. Is it dangerous? That depends on the people involved and how they play, as is the same with almost everything else..he was the only person I've ever met..online or in person, with permanent damage/injury and after spending time with him it was very clear that was his particular thing.


Enjoy having ballbusting sessions too... Love the ball grabs, squeezes and pulls plus the occasional kick but always start gentle then work up :)


I love CBT in general but ball squeezing makes me feel physically sick and giddy - as in hurts like hell - and I don't enjoy that too much. Knees and pulling are fine as is some twisting. Horses for courses I suppose. I think those little plums are quite delicate and permanent damage ain't so good so some care is probably required. Mrs LugNut tends to hold the plums in her hand and slap and not punch and that is all I can stand as they don't get squashed.