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Cannot find my original post ..maybe too old..An update..

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For those of you who follow or read my posts....I am off to Iceland for two weeks as a thank you for  being their most asked for escort to female only Kinky events...I have been told to expect my deepest fantasies to be fulfilled ...2 or possibly 3 weeks of heaven or hell is what I am faced with..!....Do I want to go , no , only because I know that they are true to what they practise...I have seen it all..!...But will I...yes...nothing is going to stop me from coming back home with memories that will excite me every time I think about what `I went through.!....Cassie

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Thank you for showing an interest.!..I wish I could tell you more , but I had to sign and agree to a confidentially agreement. All I can tell you without breaking the agreement is to use your imagination and think of your deepest wildest fantasies being played out.!.I have never been so nervous and apprehensive of what is to come...I have now reached the age where escorts of my age are no longer used..!..I was very privileged to be part of this very secretive world and will miss it an awful lot...!..Unless there are very specific requests for me to act as an escort  . this event is a sort of thank you and for me to admit and play out my own deepest fantasies...Anything goes ..but the limits are pretty much the same as what is allowed to be discussed on this website.!...Although no cameras or smart phones etc were allowed at any of the events...there were authorised photographers who were allowed to take photos..I have been told that I will get a personalised Album of all my clients...all the events that I was involved in , photos of me locked up in various bondage items..etc...If my mum was to come across this album...I would be better off on another planet..!...My flight departs on 10.45 pm..10 days of heaven or Hell.!...Cassie


I hope it's all of the good things you've dreamt or imagined it to be, and that you have a fantastic time 😊

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