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How does this work?

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I’ve never really explored my BDSM side and was wondering what would be the best way to start

I think that your best way is to consider what you want to explore and to say so in your advert or early conversations with a potential owner. Think about desires, needs and fantasies and the practicalities. Talk to as many potential male or female characters with whom you might wish to hook up, and then you have a reasonable cross section of opinions. If some match your feelings,then it might be worth pursuing the more positive connections. Those who don't match, politely discard.

where to start?

you certainly come across at a VERY early stage.  But, don't worry - but please help bring us up to speed if not.

What interests you, really.  I don't need to know your deepest fantasy - but do are you submissive, or Dominant - what sort of ideas or activities interest you.  If you sat down with someone experienced who asked you to tell them about yourself - what do you know without having to be coaxed out.

If you don't know the answers to those just yet, then, I'm asking - for you to try to find out.

A lot of people who are a little "I've always been interested in kink but don't know where to start" - ok, well, what exactly interested you?