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I’ve enjoyed wearing for a few years now, as usual haven’t told anyone or really ventured out to find others before. I’ve noticed that it’s more common than you would immediately think. 

Anyone on here also enjoy it? Would be nice to start talking to some other people who do :)

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I love the feeling of it tbh

No i dont. But have run into a few diepters wears..some hide fact they lost control.over there piss.after child birth. Or a abortion.some dont want you too see nothing.and place wet dietpers in a hidden place..but the fly soon find them. Other sub.s proudly wore in the open wanting master too change them ..with there hands at there mouth sucking a thumb.little or no help changing there shitty diepters..after the shit mess cleaned up baby wait for daddy exploring fingers and hands. Let see if baby has any more piss.daddy wiggles and plays with the baby over grown.clit..if daddy wants cleans out babys bottem with a enema. No daddy..oh daddy what you sticking in my chean poop hole..last baby girl had 54dd above. And a belly larger.was also incontant. Daddy made sure jelly way up in ec opening before powder. But now im told. Power no longer good thing.


HI   I like the rubber but do not wear it in public.   Like to meet anyone with similar interests. 


This post sort of ties in with something else I just posted on about desperation but its related in how i ended up with a bit of a kink, trouble is I've got a very love hate relationship with diapers, I love the feeling, hate that I need them, love the fact I'm wearing them and I'm unlikely to ruin my clothes, hate the fact that I'm wearing them and I'm likely to ruin my pride - the list goes on but I'm sure you get the gist! I had a mild fetish for girls in wet knickers - especially pastel colours that really show the wet spot, then I was in a crash that left me with some dulled sensations, incontinence issues that have caused nothing but embarasment and humiliation and for quite some time I had a complete lack of urge to go altogether. Now I find anything to do with people (more predominantly females though) having accidents, doing a pee dance or even just saying they need to pee overwhelmingly satisfying in a really deeply intensly sadistic manner. I'm lucky in that over the past year I've been getting a very small amount of feedback not long before I need to pee and admittedly I'm guilty on a couple of occasions of just sitting and enjoying the feeling of having that bit of urge actually knowing I'm about to end up with a soaked pad/pants.

I wear nappys and plastic pants