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Tell me your fantasy (Part 8)

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“Tell me your fantasy.”

I was really proud of her right now. The pride was making my heart swell. My love for her was going to a new level. It had been a brave step for her to agree to play in a hotel setting rather than in private. She could easily have been seen coming into the hotel. It was a big risk for her. Taking that brave step had delivered a certain amount of excitement to her. I could sense that in her body. She was almost tingling. But this step was pushing her limits even further. She did not protest. She did not argue. She did not stop me. I loved her for that. I loved that she was willing to push her limits in this regard for me. It made me feel special and honoured. There was more than that though. I struggled to contain the pride I was feeling as I walked towards the entrance to the restaurant.

She walked several paces behind me. It had been the first time we had actually been outside of a private room setting as a dom and sub. This was a new experience for both of us. She felt right walking behind me several paces so I let her do what she felt comfortable with. This was more about what she wanted to get out of it than me. My pride was enough for me. She wanted this test. Her eyes were downcast. You would not have said this was the same woman who entered the hotel earlier. That woman was confident, self-assured and walked with her head held high. My little whore had her eyes down, walked slowly and did not hold the same confidence to her stride. Her hands were pushed deep into the pockets of her long thin dress coat. I could see she was trying to hold the coat close to her body. That did not surprise me. I could see her collar around her neck below the neckline of the coat. She was not trying to hide that though. I got the sense that she was a little unsure about her state of undress. She was naked under that coat apart from a little device secured around her waist.

The maître d' of the restaurant greeted me as I walked up. We had a booking so it was just a case of finding a table. She took two menus from the stand in front of her and started to walk away. I quickly scanned the room. There were a lot of tables around the walls that would have been quite private. I thought about being kind for a moment. But she wanted the test. I stopped the young woman about half way down the restaurant. I motioned to a table in the middle of the floor. I did not need to look at my whore to know her reaction. But she was good enough not to say a word. I sat down at the table in the chair that made sure my girl would not be able to hide. She slipped down on to the seat a little slower. A slight wicked grin of satisfaction flashed across my face.

She tried to get comfortable on the chair. It would not have been easy for her. The device around her waist was holding two plugs inside of her. A butt plug up her ass filled her and would make it quite uncomfortable to sit down. The plug in her pussy was a nice little toy. We had found it a while back. It was a remote controlled vibrator that had two settings. Pulse and vibrate. I could control it from a little remote in my pocket. The vibration lasted for a minute. The pulse was a series of short sharp, almost shocks that only lasted ten seconds. The thing was she had no control over it and did not know when I might strike. She deserved a little present for being such a brave girl. I went into my jeans pocket and hit the vibrate button.

People around the table might have been able to hear the low hum and buzz coming from my girl if they had listened intently. The only sign that something was happening to her was the look on her face. She was flushing as the vibration turned her on. The maître d' had left a menu on the table in front of her but I was going to order for both of us.

“Put your hands on the table, my dear.”

She immediately took her hands out of her pockets and put them on to the table. The hum of the vibrator was still going inside of her. She was anxious. I got that sense. Her hands were slightly shaking. The vibrator was not that strong. I reached across the table and gently touched her hand. She did not lift her eyes to look at me. That was not allowed. But she stopped shaking. A brief smile came to her face. I kept my hand on hers. I worked my thumb around the top of her hand softly. It was my show of support in this situation. It was just a little sign of care. I actually wanted to just hold her in my arms and give her the biggest hug. She was being so strong for doing this. Every part of her dominate personality must have been screaming in her head to call it quits and go back to the relative safety of the room. But she was not doing that. She wanted to push herself. She let out a little moan. I knew that the vibrator had stopped. My touch was helping to settle her down. I also think that it helped that she did not have to lift her eyes up. She would not make eye contact with anyone else. She could focus on getting through the meal.

I ordered for both of us. Food and drinks quickly arrived. I did not use the device while we were eating. She was being so brave. She did not lift her eyes from her plate of food. I watched her closely. I admired her so much for doing this. My eyes looked around the rest of the restaurant. No one was paying any attention to us. We were just two women having a friendly meal together. No one would suspect the true nature of what we were doing. Why should they?

“Tell me your fantasy.”

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Oh wow, reading that my dick twitch lol
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I love this! Its partly one if my fantasies too
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