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Need help and ideas

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Hey folks...so I've started seeing a lad who wants me to be more dominant in the bedroom....he wants humiliated...likes role play...and talking fantasies....and I need ideas on what to do..I want to try this out with him but I haven't done this before and would really like some tips and ideas...thanks

As a dominant, I have a few ideas. Pm me and we can discuss what he's after

tip one is to talk to him.  

there is a risk of a little topping from the bottom at least at first - but get him to talk through an ideal scenario with you, which fetishes, which ideas.   this doesn't mean to do things to him exactly as he says, but you might get a little bit from there where his interests lie and of course if it interests you.

"Dominant in the bedroom" could mean he just wants to be tied and blindfolded.   or... he might want you dressed up and role playing (which can be expensive if this isn't what he wants) or... it could involve being beaten, milked and locked up in chastity for a month.

Talk to him first ;)

Tie his cock up , lay him on his back. Grind your ass on his tounge while roughly wanking him. If u can piss in his face/mouth. And then when its cum time pull his legs over his head and wank himoff into his ownmouth. Dont stop wanking until he screams post orgasm torture.he will have a hop in his step after. Il happily teach u on kik or snap etc how to tie the cock n balls in diff ways for diff purposes

You could try something a bit more gentle to start with.  Why not straddle him, then move your body up so that his head is between your legs. Sit on his face, so that he is forced to lick your pussy with his tongue.

Or just pin his arms back on the bed, so he is helpless to move. Tell him that you are the boss, and you are going to hold him captive for as long as you like