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Just registered here. Impregnation / Breeding Risk Fetish

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Hello fellow members,


I have just joined this website as I wondered if firstly this is normal and if there are people out there who do it.


I have recently realized I have a fetish for Impregnation / breeding risk / unprotected / cream pie. Yes I understand the risk of child support however I am very fortunate in that I made my money a few years ago and could afford it.


Where is the right place to meet other people with the same fetish on here or is there another site? 


25 Male - Single.

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There probably are other sites more suitable to act this out, ones where people are looking to have children but can't or don't want to pay for insemination. Although this site is cool for discussing anything. Someone with a cum fetish would be suitable for this also?

It's not an uncommon fetish from what i seem to know off guys telling me about theirs, but you can't always tell if people really have this as a fetish or just want bareback sex.

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yes, wanting bareback sex is extremely common - millions of people do it every day.

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