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hi. not to sure but love to talk

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hope you all are well. i would love to talk with maybe other people in the same.position. maybe a transgender girl about it too. I know seems.strange but as I explain I hope all will be clear.


I have always seen my self as straight. but do not find a cock offensive or off putting although never experienced one.  along with my fetish of heels and sexy underwear if that be me or another wearing them.


I do not see men as attractive but at the same time appreciate if a person is pretty dispute sex orientation they are good looking simple.


but apologies for rabberling on. I just have this want in my mind that seems to be growing to want dispute what said above the pleasure of a night with a transgender woman. (apologies if I get the terminology wrong I do not mean to offend I'm just new and.unsure of it all. )


I would love to wear my.heels and underwear choice as the other in the same and experience the fun that can be had. and with this I'm not sure why I do or want. or if I did go try it where to start it's all so new.


so after all this if you are still reading thank you very much. but.i would love to enjoy a conversation with someone relating to this. maybe where I could meet.people. maybe someone else the same and looking for the same. I'm not to sure what this post was ment to achieve but hope I have a chat with you soon.


thanks a lot yogi xx


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I think alot of people have this fantasy too. But I guess that's why we're here to be open explore and perhaps meet others on our wavelength. 


A trans lady is very captivating and Desirable. I agree xxx

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