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Stinging Nettles

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Been looking at a lot of stinging nettle torture on the internet, has anybody ever tried this and what are there thoughts, I saw a video of a guy having a wank with a fistful of nettles, was going to try this myself (obviously a few gentle stings first as a try before you buy sort of thing lol 


I've helped set up a scene where someone had this done - and... he says a bit like stringing anywhere else, hurts at first - then you get used to it - then it hurts like hell


Mrs LugNut has done this to me. Quite painful but it was fun. Young nettles sting more. There are loads of the little Fuckers in the garden, Mrs LugNut is pleased to put them to some use.



I gave it a go, the first sting made me jump a bit but after that it felt good and was a ice tingling for a few hours afterwards 


have done this many times , its awesome, if you get them just around the head of the penis and scrunch them up , it feels like a massive orgasm  for a while , its almost unbearable, but then it starts to subside. has to be tried lol


I've had this done to me by f/m partners for many, many years. The only problem I've had is to get the scene going.  Once that's sorted, there's usually no stopping.  The obvious rash nettles cause, is off-putting to more that half my partakers.