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How do you meet a true sub?

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Hi i know this site says fetish bdsm now im a dom ive been on bdsm sites and the subs well there subs because of that film and they dont ask questions. Just because they think they know that pisses me of so how do i know the subs here are subs and not wannabes than if i give a bit of pain with a pinwheel witch really dont hurt much they go if they go from that well im single no sub 


Firstly, a sub doesn't have to be into pain. Also, you don't know how a pinwheel feels for someone else. 

Secondly, any time anyone asks how to find a 'true' anything, it brings up a big ol red flag for me. It speaks of a person who doesn't care about that other person, their wants or desires, they just want a receptacle for their fetish.

I think you might want to rethink your approach a bit, if you actually want to be successful here.  

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That's easy, no genuine sub would be interested in you.

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There' are many many different kinds of subs in same way there many many kind of Dominants 

i also agree some submissive enjoy pain while others don't 

a "true"  submissive  well in my opinion your needing to find someone that you have a connection and commonalities with ... then you will find true submission within that . 

I agree there are many many people who ha e watched the infamous film and think it's about fucking and flogging ... some fakes some curious and exploring .Support  Education and information is required here 

Being reflective about what you really want and need is helpful 

Make it clear on your profile - this will help people understand what your expectations are 

good luck on your search 





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Blimey! What happened to ‘Hello All, I’m Nightman666 a true gentleman & also a true Dom’ I’m a true Sub & I only look for true Dom’s not amateurs with a half arsed narcissistic & negatively immature introduction .....good luck with your search 😆
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there's no indication you're a "true" Dom... hence your lack of subs.

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