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Anyone got any idea ....

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Weird question...but when I want to cum I can only do so by touching my clit. Why cant i cum when i use toys or my fingers😔😔...

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The quick answer is that everyone is different. I won't pretend to be an expert, but I would guess that the clitoris is the g-spot, so that is what triggers the orgasm, since an orgasm is caused by pleasure. Please correct me if I'm misinformed.

I'm certainly no expert, being a bloke and all. I don't think you are any different from loads of women. I'm sure somebody more qualified will be along to answer.


No @DanteReign a women’s gspot is inside & at the front of the vagina 😊 Have you tried holding a vibrator against your clit @Kerry693 or using clit stimulation & inserting fingers or a toy at the same time? If you’ve found what makes you cum why are you stressing? Just keep exploring yourself as much as you can, that way you can learn what you enjoy the most so then you can show others. Also a woman will always know another woman’s body better so maybe find another woman to help you explore x
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Your body changes all the time as a woman, it's affected by everything from mood, position, hormones/menstrual cycle, medication including birth control, headspace, body temperature, age,  pressure of the touch and a bazillion other things.

I used to find clitoral stimulation wasn't effective at all if I wanted to cum, now I'm almost guaranteed to squirt from the lightest touch there, maybe your using the wrong shaped toys, or perhaps switch up the material they're made of, different dildos hit different spots, and were none of us indentical, butterfly clit vibes might help too..try to relax and just explore your orgasms, putting pressure on yourself definitely won't help..enjoy the experimenting 😊


Not everyone can cum from penetration, i can but like yourself my clit needs stimulating, so only penetration won't do it for me.

Hey, long and slightly geeky answer coming so sorry.... As a couple of people have said, it could just be your body... you could try stimulating the gspot (small rough patch about an inch inside the vagina). Its true that not every women feels much from this... the tissue over your gspot might be slightly thicker than normal, meaning there’s not as much sensation. This changes as you get older, but again you can try different toys to see if this helps
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Try stimulating your g spot, there are special toys you can get for this. If you are using fingers its rubbing fingers curled up inside you on a bump. This method usually causes squirting wet orgasms.