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Anal insertion suggestions?

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Looking for some new and humiliating ideas for anal inserts for my sub. She has daily tasks and pictures she has to complete. I love the idea of asking strangers for examples to add to her humiliation. Some insertions must stick out alittle and some must be fully inserted and left inside So she can be reminded that she's a filthy slut. Any and all ideas welcome!

looking for household items or random items 

weve done a lot of fruit and veggies 



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Is it an online relationship, or are you both physically together? That makes a huge difference I what I might suggest....
Have you tried root ginger....

@Liam9075 we are physically together 

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In that case if you are together then you could insert objects and tell her use them to complete tasks... eg put a hair brush up her ass handle first then get her to brush your hair, a pen and make her write stuff etc... 

ive done similar with a sub before and was great for humiliation.. especially as I was name calling her to the heavens as she was doing it 


a toilet brush - then get her to clean the toilet

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Sounds like ur a lucky guy 👍 I myself have a silk scarf bondage fetish so 4 me ud have 2 go with putting 4 - 5 knots in a silk scarf & pushing each knot into her arse leaving it in there awhile then when u think she’s ready slowly pull & plop each knot from her arse 👍👍


@Silkyscarves , Hi umm so was your sub a novice ?  How far did you go lol ? 

Ahahaha you must have good pair of hands and skills to do those knots  😂