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Ways to internalise the submissive.

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I've never asked, and not seen anything mentioned much, about how a Dom(me)/Master makes their submissive feel more subservient towards them. I fully appreciate that the dominant may well suggest that their sub refers to them as "Sir", "Mistress", "Madam" or "Master" , but do you ever agree to take this further, to deepen the submission of elevate the dominance? I have ways, but do others, and what are they,  that work successfully? Thank you for your input in advance.

I naturally like servitude so when I'm with Sir I enjoy treating him, bringing him things, doing nice things for him... Sir makes me stronger and builds me up, elevating me which automatically makes my submission to him even more significant....he also conducts himself with integrity, humility and consistency which provides me with a sense of security and stability allowing me to feel safe to give myself to him completely 🔥
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Thank you Firewitch. It would be delightful to think that your deeper experience is replicated in other D/s relationships.

Firewitch describes very well attributes that as a Domme I believe in subscribing to.  I would also include trust. Trust begets security, something that we all desire at one level or another (not only within D/s relationships). Most people will treasure both and 'go the extra mile' to keep them. For a sub that means keeping their Dom/me happy, ergo their level of subservience is likely to increase. I also expect respect from a sub, but realise that, and trust, take time and need to be earned. 


Yep - a lot of people often don't realise this is very much a two-way street and that a sub also has needs need met.

So a lot sometimes gets talked about from a fantasy or ideological viewpoint which isn't reflective towards a real relationship.

One of the nicest bits of bliss is being in, or having someone in, a position where you'd do anything for them (or they'd do anything for you) safe in the knowledge that this would never be abused.

All subs are different so there's no immediate format.  But one of the best ways to improve subservience is not to force it, but to let it happen naturally as you offer and build trust.  Which can include things like demonstrating you have their wellbeing at heart, making choices for them as well as for you, perhaps prodding around limits if appropriate but never trying to push over them and showing how to back-off.

Showing that you appreciate their submission as they do your Dominance.

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