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Weird - or maybe not

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It would seem odd to the "outside" world, but the respect and dignity that this community displays is exemplary. You guys and girls know exactly where you stand and you give the newbie and the experienced equal respect. I wish the "outside" world ran like this. Maybe war would be a thing of the past

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I like your comment and agree.
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I find that everyone (majority) on here are safe and free from judgement, it’s a great little family of free spirits, I think overall, it’s the outside world that is weird and as shallow as a puddle, no depth, zero colour and as boring as watching paint dry......i think people/fetishists/perves and trans gender and the likes, have so much brightness, colour, unlimited depth of imagination and happiness, it’s sureal that we not all in one giant dome away from the controlled uniform society that we are prisoner to! I have up until now lived a kind of closeted life with my  real persona, even though I have always been open and honest about myself, I have no shame and finally I can let loose and be myself here, it’s refreshing and excites me to see all of yous express yourselves, I was a shy new member not that long ago but now this family of misfits, weirdos and strange personas are actually the most amazing approachable people I have come across, my only peeve is why the hell did I not do this sooner, I feel more open and confident just venting and describing my problems, ideas, personal life and sharing images and stories and I can only say open up more and spill the beans I need to know, I’m intrigued to know and yearn for new paths to spread into, or I can show you paths that will blow your mind and leave you shaking with anticipation! 


I love this place true kinksters are polite an well.manerd

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Definitely agree