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Events in scotland

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Hey I'm trying to get more involved in the scene in Scotland if anyone knows of any meets and greets .munches or events then please let me know. What are everyone's thoughts and advise for going 

Same pal. Completely new to the scene and shitting it a bit just doing casual meet ups. Think events would be a good place to meet like minded people.
Along with reading around the subject, to improve your theoretical knowledge, meeting "real" people in a munch or group situation, is very illuminating and refreshing. As Scotland is quite a big, far flung Country, you might go and search online, to find out where and when munches take place. If you're apprehensive about such a step, then there's usually a "meet and greet" person whom you can make contact with, who will then politely introduce you to other members of the munch, after a brief initial chat.

the best known in Scotland is probably Torture Garden which is very easy to look up and has events in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Of course, the kinda problem is the event can be a little daunting (even if it shouldn't be) for newbies and does come with a strict dress code which can strain budgets.

find a munch dot com (all one word) has a bit of a directory of munches

Simple advice - turn up, don't be a dick.  Remember these are casual and social events usually in a pub, the idea is a gateway to the kink community and not kink events in themselves.  


If you are in Aberdeen the last Saturday of each month there is a Munch, where like minded people meet and talk about all sorts of things vanilla or kinky

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This thread has been helpful, thank you for posting! I'm rather new to the scene myself.

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