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I'm game hes well questioning

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So my husband was raised catholic and never knew of bdsm to he met me....I see so much potential in him to be a dominate and hed read up on the articles I've sent him....but he says hes confused and he doesn't get things....and he also doesn't stick to his regulations he sets.....I feel like I really need this in my life.....but I have no dominant that could answer his questions and talk to him about how this is an honor for me to open up and how it works and what it'll do for not just sex life but as for our relationship any advice lol maybe a dom to talk to him?


Some people just don't have it in them


Talk to him 


You could get him to make a profile on here (if he hasn't already) to ask his questions to the whole forum. His profile doesn't have to identify him if he feels more comfortable if nobody knows who he is.

I think this is also one occasion where time does help also. Like it might take him a while to get his head round things, not only to understand them but to consider them ok and acceptable to do.

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Just start slowly with him knowing and gently increase over time he'll get into it ;) 


Doing it is one thing having the mindset is something different. A great deal come into this life just think I do this do that but without the right let's say mental wiring its really hard . And for a true Dominant it's a pleasure for a Trier it's hard work .


It may be he just doesn't get it. And that is his choice. Have a conversation about it and listen to how he feels about it. Maybe ask him if he needs guidance or if he'd like to ask specific questions. You've got a great forum  here for asking all kinds of questions and getting a huge array of answers. 

But if he doesn't want to be Dominant then that's something you have to respect. Are their other options for you to get the domination you need? That might be worth exploring too. 

Believe it or not alot of bdsm came from early Catholic churches lol so yes maybe do bit of research maybe it's something that could help big love to all as I'm leaving this site after find my princess all she gets is idiots bothering her so we walk of into the sunset handcuffed and kinky xxxx
Know this situation well, in the same boat as it were, but reversed. If you want to chat, please don't be afraid to get in touch