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Women who love men's feet

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We always talk about men who love girls/women's feet, but...  girls and women do you like men's feet too? And in the same way or is it a different fantasy? 


Nope...it took me a lot of years to appreciate my own, I always hated feet, my mother used to make me pull sweaty stuck down tights off her toes when I was small which always made me gag, even at a very young age, which of course fuelled that loathing of feet in general for decades afterwards.. but I still don't like men's feet at all, and although I can appreciate the aesthetic of a pretty female foot that's as far as it goes for me..of course I'm Domme too so maybe that plays a part, but were I submissive..that would be a hard limit for me.

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I’m a sub and I love feet


I had a woman suck my feet in my tights a few years ago...felt amazing