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Looking for a collar?

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Me and my partner are looking for a collar, the one I found online is pretty weak and comes undone. I have no idea where to look for a collar. Preferably one that still looks good but is of significantly better quality? It can’t be too big as I have a small neck but I have no idea where to start looking. Any advice or suggestions? 


I just have bought pet dog collars, you can get some really pretty ones. The price is cheaper also.


There's sooooooo many different types of collars, lots of different fastenings too. @3SumQueenidea is a good one too..I personally love steel or chain collars and have an extensive collection, and a fair few were bought at a pet store, as were a couple of my leather ones.

You could try eBay/Amazon both carry various sizes and styles with something in every price range, you're not confined to sex shops or fetishwear distributers..alternatively you could try making your own, adds an extra something, one of the prettiest I've seen was one a friend made from a belt they bought for £1.00 in a charity shop and added a few touches too 😊


I like home made ones I must confess, though I like to fuse a sentimental/romantic element to a kinky relationship.