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Menstruation question

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This is a weird question but I thought you guys best placed to answer. 

What happens when a sub is on her period?

This month I'm delaying my period so I can fully participate in a planned session. 

But does the play stop if it's that time of the month?


I think it might depend on the play planned. I have done various scenes whilst on my period, mostly impact play and some wax play. I think it's something that you should discuss with your play partner. 

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Think it very much depends on the individuals 


many many many will play no matter the time of the month 


while many submissive choose to delay or use contraceptives to reduce or stop menstruation 


for some it's a huge turn on , while others total turn off 





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Pampered... l hope you and Dom can talk about each other’s feelings, and come to a clear set of hard and soft limits regarding intimacy around the time of period.
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i love it when a lady is on her period for me it makes it more fun lol