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Bf likes to wear lingerie

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I am 99% a rope bunny.  I like to be told what to do.  I like to feel helpless.  So I know why it feels good to be submissive and the reasons why I like it.


My new boyfriend just revealed that he likes to wear women’s lingerie, that he likes direction, and that he wants me to wear a harness, and be the boss of him.  

I am extremely open, willing to try anything, and told him that I appreciate that he trusts me enough to open up and share his fetish with me.  For anything to work it takes a huge amount of communication and trust.  


With all that being said (trying to make this short and sweet) I have two things I want to explore:


one: being the dom is new to me.  What are some things that I should know about?  I understand it’s not about what you’re doing but how you do it. (It’s a mental thing more than a pysical thing)  Do you have any newbie pointers to help make this journey the best that it can be? (I have some expirence with an ex who liked me to use anal toys on him, so I’ve been down there but I’ve never used a harness with someone)


two: a man in panties wanting to be fucked is a situation I never thought I’d be in, so I’ve never thought about that kind of kink before.  What would someone that’s into this be looking for?  Like if there are any of you out there that are also into this, why do you like it?  I want to understand it more and do as much research as I can before I take this step with him so that I can just impress the hell out of him, and make it the best expierence he’s ever had (at least for being our first encounter and we will grow from there).  Obviously talking to him about it would let me know exactly why and what, but I wanted to ask strangers first and get lots of advice and several different thoughts and views on the subject.  


Thank you guys and gals! 


For me it's the feeling of a woman taking control ang using me for her pleasure I guess.