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Help me understand something, please?

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What does it mean when your mistress calls you a “filthy Slave” when she’s punishing you? 


fiilthy slave, I use as an endearment.  When punishment is being delivered,  one cannot give positive affirmations, it would spoil the mood/scene and punishment.

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Your mistress is entitled to call you whatever she wants, unless you and her negotiated a different set of terms before you started. So long as she is within any hard limits you set out, expect whatever she wants to do or say
If you saw my Twitter feed, you would understand why I never assume anything is a joke unless it is obviously so!

it could mean anything.

It could well be just adding to your fantasy - I mean, if you're down on the floor licking dirt from her soles you might get off (or she might think you get off) on being told how disgusting it is.