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Handcuff Recommendation

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Can anyone recommend a decent pair of handcuffs.  Real metal handcuffs as used by a police force or the military not the fluffy pink ones with the release lever.  A suggestion of an online shop that has reasonable prices would be good too.




Cue Victoria warning about posting external links...
I certain online auction site ...for real ones and the quick release jobs ...

You can mention sites just not post links to them. But i'd just google for the item you are looking for specifically and use the shopping tab on google.

Army Navy store.

Never thought of them Cumshot 



Steel shackles !!!! There's no alternative lol 


Galls.com for the actual police style cuffs, of which they have more varieties than u realize.



But if you are looking for more BDSM style (no not pink and fluffy LOL)things do a Google search and start checking the sites.  Unless you are whipping out a pair of cuffs in a surprise kink twist to an otherwise Vanilla sex night, you will want something else most likely...unless you are a D using them for some form of slave training (Since I am an UNTRAINED complete submissive, I cant advise here).


BDSM gear can be super pricey so if wanting to start cheap (and it is not all worthless crap, for real) the app Wish.Com is excellent. Majority of our stuff from there, sex shops are few and far between and like I said, pricey as shit. I have gotten burned by Wish a few times, long delivery, wrong size, wrong item and even never arrived...but they will usually make it right somehow and even when u do get screwed, usually on an expensive item, most you are out is 20

I got a GREAT neoprene locking collar I absolutely adore from Tom of Finland (not my actual preference but they had what I wanted) for $35. Last collar/leash combo was crappy and paid nearly 50 at an interstate sex shop. No thanks!


Thanks Arabus.  I’ll try wish.con again.  I took it off my devices after trying it a few times. All my orders were long deliveries of too small t shirts, Chinese copies or pirate cds. They’re probably brilliant for fetish gear if you get the size right.