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There is a great section in the magazine for Erotica but I was wondering what is everybody's favourite read? Do you have a favourite author, series, genre.

I like a little fantasy mixed in, so one of my favourites is Demonica series by Larissa Ione.😘


Please share your favourite reads, but remember no external links are allowed! 😘


Some book suggestions would be good. 

Someone suggested 50 shades of grey and I found that dire. So badly written. 

Live not tried out the story of o yet.  Would anyone rate it

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Are there any erotic graphic novels


So I get a lot of my reads off kindle, just search for the the type of thing you want. A lot is ok ish. Quite a bit is adult romance and HEA. A good collective is 1001 Dark Nights, various authors, some better than others. Christopher Rice (Ann Rice son) has a good series called the Desire Exchange.


I enjoy J.R. Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood series. It's about vampires, but it's wonderfully written. Plenty of sex scenes, but it doesn't overpower her novels. First book is Dark Lover