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Im new, Help!!!

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Hello, My name is YourBabyGirl (my family are kind of judgemental so Im not ready to give out my real name yet just in case) Im very interested in the scene but Im a virgin (literally) submissive who has never done anytjing more than a little solo play (clamping, edging etc) so I would really  like some advice about how to get started and/or find a dom willing to teach me about the lifestyle. Ive had a relationship in cyberspace that was D/s and I would like to learn aboht progressing into real life.

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Hiya @YourBabyGirl  It's always good to read and watch videos, educate yourself on things you like and want to try. Make a list. A good way to meet people is to go to a munch. It's like a meet up for kinksters and fetishists, where you can talk about things and learn from each other. Check out the events and places section, hopefully there's something near you.

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Having a family who are strict Scottish Catholics I can feel your pain with your family being judgemental, this type of lifestyle isn't for everyone; even people who you may have thought were open minded can often surprise you with how conservative their views and ideas are. Give yourself a pat on the back for being brave enough to admit that your new to all this and also brave enough to use a real picture of yourself on your profile. Many don't. I'm quite a bit older than you and based fairly far away and so don't think I'm the Dom your looking for; but I'd would be happy to give you some advice, hint's and tips.

If I could give you one tip now, just make sure that if you do meet up with a Dom for your first time, you do it in a public place where you can get a feel for them and decide whether you are ready to trust them with your submission. Never make your first meeting at a private residence or out of the public eye and however horny you get for a more intimate meeting, make sure you trust the person your going to be exploring your sub-side with before hand.     

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Focus on making friends and learning then a good partner will come naturally.

Check out my thread on this forum on BDSM safety. It covers some of what has already been said in the previous reply, but goes into more detail. But seek our information everywhere you can find it.

This site is great for it's dating filter features, but fetlife is the best place to find local events, and the groups have a wealth of knowledge on every subject imaginable.

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i know how you feel about being new. I was massively in the scene until I had an accident..(got run over by a car) 

so I had to take quite a few years out of the scene. Since then I have lost a lot of friends who have disappeared or just moved on.

so trying to get back into the scene and getting people to believe you are who you say you are is difficult. I would really love a female Domme to teach and help me back into the scene. I went to a club a while ago alone. I felt out of place. A Domme asked if I fancied some play. But I bottled it. Had a Mistress been with me I would have had no choice...so yes it's difficult rebuilding your confidence.

Hi, you sound very inteesting. I would love to train you in the ways and start you slowly so you can find your feet. I live in London, so you would need to get and stay here, so thats your first challenge...lets talk...