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Although in new here I'm not new to kinky sex, and being horny 24 7 does not help. Anyway I'm interested in learning more about entering into a flr, but unsure how many woman would be interested in this. 

I have some further ideas about how this will work but what are the chance of this likely to happen? 

Should I be looking at a professional, should I target couples,??? 


Any helpful insights anybody can provide me with?  Thanks S



What's flr? I'm rubbish with acronyms



A lot depends here on what you think the FLR looks like.

Also what one person thinks constitutes as a FLR may differ to anothers.     

FLRs are not necessarily kinky.  

It's very important to be clear on the idea - because too many guys when they say they want a FLR what they really want is a 24/7 fetish dispenser and that's often off-putting.

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i'd take a FLR to be that the guy is more interested in letting the female take the lead in everything, from how the household is run to what they do as a couple sexually.

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Looking for a female led relationship is just the same as looking for any other kind of relationship. First you have to find someone who you want to be in a relationship with and who wants to be in a relationship with you. Next you have to find out if the type of relationship you want is ok with both of you and then discuss how it will work in practice on a day to day level. Its not always easy to fit in with daily vanilla life but if you want it enough there are ways to work things out

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