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Finding a 24/7 CIS/TPE slave for a couple

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Hello me and my dominant partner have been looking for a permanent slave that would become part of our family for a while now.
But so far we only met fakes and time wasters. 
We did have a weekend slave for almost a year before we moved to Romania (for now) but it seems increasingly hard to find a true servant and property for us. 
There are not too many websites out there that we know of but our search continues. 
Do you have any experience with 24/7 slaves? 
How did you guys meet them? 
So far we set up a couple of meetings but no slave showed up. 
Any advice? 

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Shame you are not near me!

Suppose you could elaborate more on what the slave would get from you? I see you mention they will be part of your family but also see they have to be financially independent and run your household, this kind of contradicts imo.

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there's a lot of fantasists to this kind of live-in arrangement - but yeah, it's going to take a lot of time to find someone : also, I'd be cautious of anyone willing to go from naught to live-in too eagerly : it's got to take proper time to get to know somebody.

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14 hours ago, 3SumQueen said:

Suppose you could elaborate more on what the slave would get from you? I see you mention they will be part of your family but also see they have to be financially independent and run your household, this kind of contradicts imo.

Well it is important that the slave is financially secure. We plan on having the slave for the rest of our lives witch can be very much a "fantasy" and in most cases simply cant come true. Even marriage can end. And in case that we would go separate ways we do not want our slave to end up on the streets. It would make things very easy if we knew, ok even if after a few years he would no longer live with us he still gets a pension or had income from passive sources.
And it would be much easier if he already brought it into the equation instead of needing to build it while living with us.
Plus we do not want to send our slave away 40 hours a week or to business trips.
We enjoy our freedom and independence and would not want a family member who could not spend the time with us as well.

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14 hours ago, Fimus said:

Shame you are not near me!

Even if we do not plan on staying in one location  for the rest of our lives. We like to travel and if we like a place a lot we might stay there for a few years.

I would be interested in this

We have the same problem. My partner (switch) and I are more or less searching for the same thing. We'd only prefer someone to maintain a job at least part-time, for security and also for psychological welfare.

It seems to be impossible to find someone, who really wants to be owned. Most of them just seem to get off on the idea of it. We only started with one guy, but he had psychological problems (long before our ds relationship) and tried to get back his family and started therapy...

So I suppose, it is quite a task to find "the right one". Male or female. Good luck to you guys!

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I agree with 3SQ your post is in contradiction with the concept on having a slave relationship. 

A slave is a full on responsibility, this is why is hard to find them as they need to have a coplete trust on their Master. 

You might need to liking for a submissive with slave tendency and cleaning or whatever you want to use him for? 


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Wrong writings

I am with others who say that the slave becomes the masters responsibility.

You cannot, IMHO, ask somebody to live as part of your family and serve you without providing that person with some sort of safety net. OK if they are maybe with you only ine or two days a week and have a life away fron you but not if they have total dependance on you and no chance to have a life away from you.


"Live in" is common amongst fantasists either side of the slash.

I feel this is something if you *really* want you have to be prepared for it.

I'd almost say - those who want it aren't those who should have it... this type of relationship is better being created naturally.


From the perspective of the Dominant(s)

You need someone you can trust to be in, effectively, your house.  Someone you can leave unattended and/or leave with your keys.

You are responsible for their basic requirements.

Food, water, comfort.

There are lots of fantasies around making people live off bread and water, or dog food, or whatever - having people sleep in a cage, so on.  But there are things to consider.

Strength and health needs to be kept up in order for them to be capable of serving efficiently.

There are ways you can have fun with some of the above for the purposes of "play" - but long term confinement will cause muscle to atrophy.  Inadequate diet will cause malnutrition.

Because of this

There are costs to keeping a slave.

A question may be if you permit, or require, them to work on a full or part time basis in which case they must go to work in a condition to be able TO work - in terms of physical and mentally and also health and appearance.

There MAY be some form of expectancy for financial contribution and/or there may be a required allowance for both the overheads to go to work and any appropriate recreation.

For example - attending work socials to "fit in" and also how their servitude to you can fit in with any friends or family they have.

There are many ways to make that work but it's important to have the structure agreed.

There's also the question of aside from their basic needs, what are their wants for the arrangement?

While in any form of D/s relationship the needs of the Dominants should come first - an unhappy submissive is an unproductive one so there's also a case of making sure they are happy - be it happy in servitude, certain fetishes met, or a rewarding environment.

There also always needs to be an OUT.  A live-in submissive who has no means of ending the arrangement if it doesn't work (be it nowhere to live/go/etc) this starts to be unhealthy.


From the submissives perspective

They need someone they can trust with all of the above.

Simple as that - and whether their interests/fetishes/etc can tie in to genuine servitude for the Dominant(s) without affecting their own wellbeing.

They also need to have means where the Dominants have an out - and aren't stuck with them because there's nowhere to go.


It gets very.... complex.

I'd say to work, trust needs to be built up over time and perhaps trial and error on what does work before a full live in commitment is reached.

Let's be honest.

For the Dominants amongst us - the idea of having someone we can call when we need something is appealing... but, being responsible for their wellbeing - potentially less so.

For the submissives amongst us - having little to worry about above whether Master/Mistress needs a foot rub is VERY fucking appealing at times - but - it's far more complex than that and can be draining.