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Furries and the Furry Fandom?

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So as my username implies i am very into petplay, i am also a furry and would like to clear out some basic questions and misunderstandings.

The first misunderstanding is that we want to (to use more polite terms...) copulate with other non human speicies, this is far from it, as furries we often use the discription "Anthropomorphic" meaning having human characteristics, yes we think the fur is fucking cute and often we draw art with bright and colourful fur with patterns and paw print patches etc. We just like the look i guess.

Secondly a lot of people ask if we want to be an animal instead and personaly, my responce to this is "we are all animals really" if anything, us humans are the freaks of nature, no other speicies on earth bothers with having jobs and paying taxes and working 9 to 5 to buy food, water and houses etc.

To answer why i am a furry. Being a furry to me is something that i personaly have a connection with, its something that goes with my belife system that we are all a small part of nature, in essance our existance is miniscule as an entire species and that we are still only small part of nature.

Basicly we all have fetishes and kinks that sometimes others dont understand. My view on life is that if you ask a question about something you dont understand then that is the best attitude to have, always ask when you dont understand, if its not for you, then at least you learned something new rarther than being willingly ignorant.

Keep kinky and keep learning something new ;) mwah mwah mwah

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