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Popular gay kinks?

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What is your favourite kink? I see a lot of guys asking about golden showers, leather and even petplayers like myself. What got you hooked on your kink? When did you learn that you loved these fetishes and what would you recomend other guys try?

Hotwifene you can do whatever you want to me no boundaries I am all yours

Well I started dressing from an early age I suppose. I love how it makes me feel so that kind of encourages itself. 


I started gay family experimentation with my cousin at a very early age and it went from there


I have a lot of fetishes including meat, fur, bondage, dirty socks, feet, and more extreme things that I won't mention. But my top five are definitely fur, meat, dirty socks, feet, and bondage. They all have to do with domination, humiliation, and servitude. For example, I get really turned on watching a man hunting a big powerful apex predator like a bear for a rug to rest his manly feet or dirty sneakers on. It screams dominance and humiliation. I love watching cute guys consume meat like ribs, bacon, and burgers and think about how the animals had to die to serve the TRUE king of the jungle, MAN! What could be more humiliating and dominating than a pig or steer being slaughtered against its will only to end up on the plate of a hungry, good-looking dude and later on turned into his poop and giving him anal penetration in the process?  The same is true for the other three of my top five fetishes. They all involve strong and dominant men doing what they do best: dominating and humiliating others. I am not sure when or why I developed these specific fetishes but believe I'm attracted to the common factor that they share as stated above. I definitely recommend people to give fur a try. I believe it is one of the ultimate forms of bdsm to have a beast like a bear turned into a rug and placed into the sex dungeon as a sex toy ;)