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Just done my weekly shopping and like normal as i walk around I'm checking out every lady and undressing them in my mind to there underwear and trying to picture what there kinks are and how naughty they are as we all have our own kinks. How they keep there body hair. Is it just wrong how I look at other's now

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We all check out people and appreciate how they look. I would say this is a little bit beyond that. We're not into kink shaming here at fetish.com but you may want to think where the line of consent is here. Looking and admiring is one thing but anything more and you're getting into grey areas. I'd definitely advise you to make sure you're not staring and making people uncomfortable.

Enjoy your imagination, just do it consensually :)

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I got to admit, particularly when I was newer I did sometimes look at people and wonder if they'd be kinky and what their kinks would be : but : that game wore off pretty quickly.   In some ways it's projecting fantasies - and.... I think it's as long as it's in your head it's OK - but if it spills out of there (which can merely be staring too long, or simply getting in the habit of objectifying everyone) then it's not cool.

But, you know - when the kink world opens up there's a whole host of thoughts come over your mind, ride the wave - but - just be cautious on where you let the tide splash.

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