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Daddy's Release

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Here goes nothing :) 


Its been a hard day, and the longing for a release has never burnt so hot inside not long until hometime.
Before Daddy comes home from work, you'd get a message telling you exactly how i wanted you presented.
To walk in and find you with head down to the carpet, leggings rolled down to your ankles and your curvaceous body on show with a blindfold on and your ass in the air, bare, beside the slender plug inside.
Your ready and waiting with a clitoral stimulator, ring gag in and silence covers the room as you begin to shake in anticipation, cars go by slowly and your breath hitches 'Is this him?' The upset hits when the door doesnt go and you go back to waiting pouting in neglect
Until you hear it again, and this time the gravels churning outside the window! just as the butterflies are swarming in your stomach
You begin to feel your hairs rise as the door goes, 'My good, sweet baby girl' coo's a voice, your quivering reply of 'Yess Daddy, always daddy' barely escapes your lips before i do away with the stimulator and mine find the sweet succour of yours and devour you with gurglings of 'Such a tasty, juicy little lady, and all mine' I grasp your ass  and push you onto my greedy tongue, sent into a frenzy by the lavish sounds of your passion
I stop with a shimmering jawline and kneel behind you, both hands teasing up your thighs I raise you up higher to slide between your legs the throbbing length of warmth, my hands wander to your hips with a firm grasp as I thrust deep and hard, the shuddering breath you release sends goosebumps down my entire body, I begin to remove the plug slowly then push it back deep in time with another thrust.
I pull out and hand you back the stimulator wordlessly, you begin and I saunter round to the front, removing your blindfold I gaze into your beautiful eyes and clasp behind your head, pulling you forward slowly i make use of the shining 'O', gently and shallow at first feeling your tongue flick to and fro, then deeper, your hands find my balls and I shudder in delight, barely realising you've misbehaved, goosebumps prickling once more I pull out, remove the ring gag and say 'Naughty but nice, maybe I'll ask for it next time..' walking out of your vision, to the hall I take down the paddle  the only noise is the chain tinkling as I return behind you, no warning, I bring it down and you jolt in surprise a squeal emanates and I bring it down the other side, again a squeal and a beautiful rosy welt appears, I stiffen and can take no more, pulling the plug out I pull you onto me hard burying myself inside that rosy behind I thrust once, twice, pulling you back by the throat I moan an unintelligible noise into your ear, almost slumping I pull out, straighten up my pants and help you to your feet with a wry grin and a tender 'Takeaway or home cooked?'


First go, be honest as you like, inspired by 'Anticipation' :)

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Whoa very good

good shit buddy.....thats exactly it, in a nutshell.......knowing, longing, achieving, punishment, feeling, loving, dominance, subservience, is that a word.....whatever........i like it.  good job.  A+