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Experiences of reciprocating sex machines

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Has anybody else had experiences of reciprocating sex machines? The type that simulates penis into vagina intercourse i.e. a reciprocating phallus driven by an electric motor. I have made and use one of this type of sex machine and the stimulation is very good, although I have noticed that in videos from the Internet showing women using such machines some woman also use a vibrator to stimulate their clitoris area. Is this because the in and out motion of the phallus into the vagina for some women is insufficient for full stimulation? Or are they just getting “more bang for their bucks”.

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I know what some of you good people are thinking, how dos a cross-dressing male use a reciprocating sex machine? Well for me not for anal penetration. Over many years I have been using a technique to give myself a sort of DIY vagina for short lengths of time (blood flow can get compromised). The technique involves pushing the testicles and the penis “head” back into the body with the help of a soft rubber ring; the ring is about 4cm in diameter and 2cm in height. Basically I am “inverting” the penis into my body; this inversion also creates a cavity into which I can insert a vibrator, dildo or a sex machine phallus. As the penis head is within this new body cavity I can achieve some amazing orgasms. But the technique requires a lot of self-discipline, first you must completely shave the penis / scrotum / groin area so that the rubber ring will “stick” to the skin just like a hold-up stocking and not roll off. Next there must be no sign of an erection what so ever or you will just end up wearing a cock-ring, everything must be soft (the self-discipline).

I would upload some pics of my DIY vagina technique but that would break the rules of the website. So please trust me on this one.


I'm curious... How do you even do this in the first place without giving yourself a torsion of the old testes? 


Hi Scouting4u

Years ago I did a lot of swimming and windsurfing and after a time in cold water I found that the “bad boys” would disappear up on their own. So I tried to see if I could persuade them to go back into my body by hand and things went on from there.


"I need to use the chair"

The home built reciprocating sex machine I use at the moment consists of a phallus attached to a short length of metal tubing which in turn is attached to a crank / gearbox / electric motor assembly. An electronic inverter controls the speed of the motor. This lot is then positioned under a chair that has had a hole cut in the seat, the phallus moves up and down through the chair seat so sitting down on the chair allows the phallus to penetrate with an in / out motion.