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Finding a woman or mistress

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So my problem is finding a mutual person for my fetish I love pegging a femdom and want a mistress that just in it for the sex I don’t want to pay and won’t  but I keep getting women trying to con me where r the women I want to grow and stick with a mistress that want to not just because I paying it just is not an option for me any help I am about to give up this long search and never be able to be fullied 


Some women would be up for this but you have to realise that as they are not professionals they do tend to want to build up some level of trust beforehand. You're going to have to invest in some way. As a Femdom myself i completely object to being used.

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to be honest. I'd just give up.

Currently you're viewing women as fetish vending machines and you want it set to free vend.  

You're going to need a serious rethink of attitude.

I've actually just been pegged by my wife.  So, yeah, these relationships exist - but we'd actually been together 9 years before she pegged me the first time (even if we have been discussing trying for the past 2 years - the delay down to some of my own confidence and it's need others to help me a bit)

Where are the women? Go to where they are.  Step away from the computer unless using it to look up fetish events, parties and munches.   Alternatively, if sex is pretty much your only interest - try vanilla circles and make a deadpool joke around International Women's Day. 

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