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Comfortable In My Skin

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Anyone simply happy with who they are?

Release your inner "happy"

Tell us why you are so content

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I still struggle sometimes but mostly, I'm happy with me. I've got a great smile, lots of curves and a twinkle in my eye.   Being on the scene has given me lots of body confidence that I lacked before. 

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I am amazing! Ok so I’m quite inwardly shy & awkward but outwardly I’m loud & im hilarious (that’s not up for debate) & I’m gorgeous! It’s not anyone’s responsibility to make me feel good about myself it’s mine. Why shouldn’t I feel content, I don’t look like anyone else & im never going to have smooth cellulite free skin but that’s what makes me Me. I’m incredibly unique & fantastic & beautiful & if someone doesn’t agree that’s perfectly ok, why should they as we don’t all like the same thing. I spent most of my life hating myself & what did I achieve, I didn’t suddenly wake up as someone else so why waste the energy yearning to be someone I’m never going to be, I was always going to just be Me so it was up to me to love myself. I struggle to find stockings that fit, I can’t walk in heels & I spill out of a basque more than I stay in it but you know what, every inch of that gorgeousness that spills out is loved by me, I look in the mirror & wouldn’t want to be any other way 😊

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I always thought that being a plus size was something to be ashamed of. Since I’ve been on this site I’ve found that being a BBW is something to be celebrated! I love my body and have decided that I am who I am, if it doesn’t appeal to you then that’s your loss - not mine!!
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I love bbw i dont like skiny people i like somthing to cudfle up yo or grab hold of lol

I suppose like most women I used to stand in front of the mirror and judge myself on how I looked...always coming up short no matter how thin I was. Now I rarely look in the mirror and I judge myself on who I am and how I behave and on that score I reckon I am pretty great.

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I'm adverse to this thread actually. My hay day is over, middle age spread creeping in, bald, grey and have hairs growing everywhere aside my head. 

Whether it's admitted or not most girls prefer muscular men with tattoos, a full head of hair and to be well off. I'm none of that. 

I have bad temper tenancies and social anxiety. I'm becoming a grumpy old fart. 


So no I'm not comfortable in my own skin but I've learned to live with discomfort all my life and occasionally figure out how to make it work for me temporarily. 

6 hours ago, Method said:

Whether it's admitted or not most girls prefer muscular men with tattoos, a full head of hair and to be well off. I'm none of that. 

Rubbish! Rubbish rubbish rubbish rubbish rubbish!! Thats like me saying most guys prefer slim petite blondes. This is exactly what I was saying in my reply EVERYONE likes different things. I personally don’t know any female that loves muscly guys. That doesn’t mean anything is wrong with them or they don’t but you’re focussing on negatives. I look on here at guys with their tops off & a six pack or photos of guys stood in front of the mirror at the gym & I think ‘why?’ but they probably think the same about my pics. Each person will find something sexy in one person yet something different in someone else. You’re YOU Method, you’re not David Beckham etc & like the rest of us you’re growing old naturally but that doesn’t make you any less sexy.

Ok so being a grumpy old fart is just part of being a bloke 😬 but I’m telling you now I bet at least 50% of us on here have social anxiety.

you are who you are so don’t make it work ‘temporarily’ because like the rest of us, you’re bloody amazing too! 

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"most girls prefer...."

well, ok - try appealing to women then ;) 

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I don't find myself attractive.

But that's OK.

I remember at an event talking with a young Lady I'd filmed with.

I'm aging, a little overweight (I've since lost a little), balding and not conventionally attractive.

She was laughing - and I'm like - hey, I'm not self-negging here.

That, my point is.

All these things perceived as negatives... and nobody *really* cares.

A lot within the kink scene I've found quite liberal and hedonistic that it's more about your attitude than your looks.

Of course - it doesn't always feel like that and sometimes if I'm feeling... overlooked... then I don't feel I'm desirable.  But, I also know when I'm in a good mindset (as I am now) whereas I'm envious towards others there's others envious towards me.

Social awkwardness is quite rife within kink scenes.  If you turn up to things a little introverted or nervous, there's others in the same boat.

I was talking to a good friend of mine the other week - she is active on both the kink scene and the swinger scene.

She says swingers, generally, are "just normal people who like sex"

But, on the kink scene a lot of people are all a little kooky, odd, off-beat, a little bit different.

So, while I'm also keen to avoid painting things as some form of utopia (cos it's fucking not...) there's certain places where you feel you fall short... actually isn't the case.

And on things you have control over and can change... well... jobs a good 'un


am i happy?

I'd say.... content enough...

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This is a concept that took me over 25 years to achieve, Im very seldomly have feeling much self doubt, but the journey was an epic one let me assure you. I was born a white male in Bakersfield cali to a family that's roots and ignorance. I daily at one point not long after puberty held such hate for feeling forced to be what's normal . Rage soon followed this is usually a super heated arguement or ful on fight. I craved those, just to feel pain I felt I deserved for my not regular thoughts. Being different is like an adventure to a new place. If you cant be categorized, stereotyped , easily explained you make yourself a target. Myself I'm not a cookie cutter type . When I finally searched deep within and embraced my transgender nature I felt the rage dissipate only them. I started my transition going overly hard to be super fem and being only with men I would never leave home before makeup was applied. I was the ultimate girlie girl. This wasnt my style really I trialed and eroded till I reached my present self. Im mtf ts girl that is white acting like a nigga all hood girl like. I dont try to be anymore girl than boy or Visa versa. I love my penis and all that comes with it ,but my breast I'm not busty which I'm wanting to be. The busty boobs make the fem torso so much more sexy I will never have surgery to remove my dick. I like my breast and the soft hairless feel of my body. I truly act ike a butch ass lesbian who sleeps with either sex. I dress like urban mixed with a little geek squad twistish I will tell you this just let me lay down and fix this problem?