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Titles dom domme master mistress

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Hi I'm curious to know if there are any conotations behind the titles of dom, domme, master and mistress do they mean different things.


If you look in the community tab, there is a drop down with archetypes, where it is explained. Master/Mistress is defined as relating more to a permanent D/s relationship thatcembodies more than just BDSM, but again this may be down to preference and the nature of each relationship 

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Dom ..Dominant Male.Domme female.. Master tends to refer to Master slave dynamic. Mistress similar connotations to Domme. D/s .. Dominant .submissive ..I.e D/s power exchange. . D/s sub sets his her limits .M/s slaves limits are generally set by the Master in total power exchange dynamic.

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while there are general meanings a lot comes down to your own dynamics - Dom and Domme are pretty much the same except men insist women should be Domme despite there being only one m and no e in Dominant.   

Usually, guys who insist on calling themselves Master are anything but (exceptions apply) 

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