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Hi I was reading an article on here about finding your limits and it mentioned moving into your aftercare routine if you discover a new limit. I would like to know what's is ment by an aftercare routine, I'm assuming it's very intimate time between dom/domme and sub for reassurance etc.


Hi there! That's a good question. Aftercare varies but can include hugs, cuddles and being close. It can involve eating and drinking sweet things,being wrapped in a blanket or even just sitting and discussing a scene. 


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It varies from person to person but my sub enjoys cuddles and watching a movie or show

My sub and I cuddle and I reinforce what went wrong to cause her punishment, I never push her limits unless she want to try, after subspace we talk, cuddle and enjoy each other



For me I just need a few minutes of almost silent "come down", bit like a jet engine when it winds down.

My female kink buddy likes hugs and to just be held.

Guess like most kink, different for all.



Helps to snuggle with them or just reassure them if trying new limits as you don’t wanna scare them I normally let them cum with out holding or with ease if they are trying new limits 


For me it’s a chance for both my sub and myself to centre ourselves and come back down to Earth. My after care has included making my sub tea and toast, chatting, watching tv. And after one session in which I had marked his body with words written in my lipstick, I gently washed it off. It was a quiet, sensual moment. I value my sub, I respect him immensely and aftercare is an opportunity for him to be reaffirmed of that. 

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