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Subs and slaves

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Hi I was talking to a dom/domme yester and they said they had a sub and a slave. First question is it common for dominants to have more than one sub/slave

The dominant also said he sold his slave to another dominant be she did not please him. Does this happen or is it bull.

Quite a few Doms/subs have more than one Dom/sub to play with. Having more than one Dom can be hard work but I’m not sure if Dom’s finds it as exhausting having more then one sub. Some have a main play partner then extras either on the side or to join in main play.
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it's not uncommon for all shades of relationship anarchy - but certainly within D/s it's not uncommon for a Dominant to have multiple subs, play-partners, whatever.

Selling a Dominant who did no please seems a bit... like it's linked to a fantasy.  But, again - I've seen "slave trading" 

I can only speak for myself here but alot of Dommes have more than one sub. It's very common but if you talk with your domme, they can be in a monogamous D/S relationship. Both are common it just takes communication. As for selling I would never but it does happen. Some subs do enjoying being sold or bought it makes them feelmore like an object. I dont take on these types of subs. now do I buy them. It's just a preference for some subs

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