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Is filming public foot fetish humiliation legal?

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We're wanting to film a few public humiliation foot fetish clips but cannot find any info if this is completely legal or not?


generally speaking, no.  but there's lots to consider.

you need a model release form for every single person in the clip.  So, if you're in a place where other members of the public walk passed - you can't use it without their model release form and ID.

A way around this I've seen is in things like in a park, where it's referenced others can see what's going on but you don't see those people.  However, in this scenario there's still the case of how fair this is to others watching.

Certainly children should not be present - which sounds grey, because you could give someone a foot massage in public and kids can be present, but the second you hit record and market it as porn/fetish. Nope.

There are assorted public clips in existence where - I won't say it's staged, but everyone is in on it.  And of course there are assorted where the chance was taken - but this obviously is not something I'd advocate.  

Generally speaking though, like I say, there's no law against it par se - but certainly becomes complex if other members of the public become involved.


Anything indecent would be illegal to be filmed in public !! 

You could try and see how fast the blue arrived on you? 😊