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Squash & Lick

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I have a fantasy I hope will turn to reality...

A mistress dressed in a black basque with a fishnet body stocking and black stiletto boots looks down at me, naked kneeling at her feet, she is sitting on her throne.

She orders me to lick her boots, starting on the sole moving to the spiked heel.

Then she orders me to turn away from her, now my bottom is facing her, she then proceeds to push the pointed toe end of her boot inside my bottom and orders me to rock back and forth as more of her exquisite boot moves further inside my bottom.

Then she tells me to bring a stool over and kneel beside it and place my erect cock on the stool. She then places the sole of her boot on my cock and starts to exert pressure on it and at the same time roll her boot back and forth, the pain is ecstasy as she squashes my cock.

She then sits back on her throne, opens her legs and tells me to kneel again in front of her. She orders me to wank and cum on her boots, when I cum it's the ultimate orgasm.

Now she says, "lick every last drop off my boots slave."


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Hmmm had a stiletto heel up my ass after kissing and licking it while on my mistresses foot at the time

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